What do Joseph Doran and cold temperatures have in common?
The ability to give you “goosebumps”, according to the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Joseph picked up the guitar six years ago. An acoustic singer/songwriter based in North-West London, his music style has been influenced by Ed Sheeran, Nirvana, and traditional Irish music whilst growing up, which has created a hybrid sound of pop rock and acoustic ballads.
What sets Joseph apart from the average singer/songwriter with a guitar is his ability to recreate a band sound as just one man, using the music technology equivalent of a homemade supercomputer at his feet. Bringing together a loop pedal, a vocal harmoniser and a chain of effects pedals into one large soundscape, is a talent that was described as a “striking use” by the Cirencester Scene Magazine.

Recently he released his first EP, “A World Without You” which showcases his wide genre mix and style. The entire EP was self produced in an effort to get as close to the original artist sound as possible, with every instrument being played and every part being written by Joseph. It can be found on all major stores and streaming services and in CD format in person.
He is currently performing gigs across the UK and Ireland, of his EP and as an Ed Sheeran Tribute Act, and has performed alongside other bands such as The BibleCodeSundays, The Craicheads, PUSHMETHOD and The Abstracts. Joseph is also writing new songs for his next release, taking inspiration from his life experiences and his battle with cancer that has been ongoing since July 2015.

Teenage Cancer Trust-  “Beautiful performance” and “Real goosebumps”

TalkRadio-  “He blew us away”

Cirencester Scene Magazine-  “Striking use of guitar and loop pedal”