Custom Mobius 2 Scripts

I write scripts for Mobius 2 looper if you’re after some custom scripts for your software looper.

Existing scripts are below; 5 GBP a script. If you want one, drop me a line here or here and I’ll send you across the script once I recieve proof of payment.

If you’re after a script that isn’t listed below, let me know and I’ll write it up for you (20GBP).

All scripts come with a standard GUI message.

Jargon for below:

Cycle = loop length.

This script inserts a silent cycle into the existing loop at the moment you press it. The end result is a loop that is two cycles long. It also mutes any incoming audio during the loop extension period.

Quick press clears the currently selected track only. If you hold the pedal down, it resets the entire looper.

Divide by triple pressing the pedal in quick succession.

Double the track by holding the pedal.

Can only be used once per cycle.

Track must be selected first!

Multiply by holding down the pedal. Press again to end multiply mode.

Multiply can be used on existing loops and retain the original loop audio, overdubbing the loop with the extended phrase.

Phrases do not have to be in multiples of 2.

Multiply autorounds; for example, if you press after the 3rd cycle but before the 4th, it will end the multiply at the end of the 4th cycle.

Press pedal to change track:

1 > 2

2> 3

3 > 4

4 > 1

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