Custom Mobius Scripts

I write mobius scripts for Mobius 2 looper and also take requests!!

I also have a working version in the style of Ed Sheeran’s looper (4 track). If you want a copy and setup guide, drop me an email here (£400). This has 3 modes: Record mode, Play mode, and Play Prime mode, the same way Ed’s pedal works (4 tracks).

I use these scripts with my setup found on this page!

For custom enquiries, send an email with as much description as possible to Try and be as descriptive as possible, but also clear and concise. Turn around times will vary. Could be a day, could be a week, could even be longer depending on how many scripts you ask for or how many people I’m currently working with, but most will be fairly quick.

For clarity, I take payment for work upfront, and transfer the mobius scripts across to you once complete using Google Drive. I offer support for 2 months following, and might get you to run a test script before we get started to make sure everything is working correctly on your computer before we get going.

If you don’t hear anything for 2 days, try me at You’ve likely got lost in a spam filter somewhere. I’m usually pretty responsive unless things have got mega busy.

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